Photo Studio Packages



Corporate shots £10.00/digital image

Profile photos and corporate headshots that brings out the best in you to boost your business and your confidence.


Well’s Cargo £54.99/up to 40 digital images

Professional product photography that ties your brand together, focusing consistently on the best way to represent your business.


Cabaret Set £60.00/12 digital images

Performing artists, actors, musicians, extras welcome. This set is designed to your creative mind and talent. Through our photos, doors will open up for you, to establish your spot in creative industry.


Heir Anthology £70.00/24 digital photos

This service caters for photos for maternity, for babies and toddlers as well as for children between the age of 5-13. Changing rooms are available.


Dynasty Collection £120.00/32 digital images

Welcome to our unique bespoke photography service designed for small or large families. Group photos, individual portraits, special occasion photography in house available.